Our client has an opportunity as a Field Service Representative FSR (Aerostat) to support an overseas customer in Saudi Arabia (KSA). This is a five-year commitment, a long-term (5-year) overseas assignment after about eight months of stateside work and training.   We need for FSR’s to start on January 3, 2023

In this role, you will be responsible for direct complex projects involving advanced technical concepts through all phases of installation, checkout, systems tests, operation, maintenance, training, and logistics support to fulfill customer requirements. Lead other Field Service Representatives or mechanical, electrical/electronic, aerostat, or IT personnel for operations and maintenance activities on the system, site, and support equipment. Participate in the aerostat system’s overall operation, including launch, inflight, and recovery activities. Direct the maintenance of the mechanical, electrical/electronic, and aerostat equipment on the aerostat system and site, including structural, hydraulic, electrical/electronic, aerostat, or IT equipment. Proactively identify and resolve technical issues that arise. Provide information in the form of reports and via real-time communication to ensure others across the organization are informed as required.


  • Perform mechanical, electrical/electronic, aerostat, or IT FSR to direct other FSRs and technicians in the performance of selected operation and maintenance tasks
  • Proficient at a wide range of technician tasks, including using standard mechanical and electrical hand tools, mechanical disassembly/assembly, wiring, soldering, operating standard and unique test equipment, repairing aerostat fabric, and handling high-pressure gases
  • Maintain, troubleshoot and repair mechanical structures, aerostat structures, hydraulic systems, fiber optic components, avionics, and electrical components
  • Maintain, troubleshoot, and repair ground systems such as generators, communication, and weather systems
  • Perform as a senior member of the aerostat flight crew for aerostat line handling; pre-and post-flight inspection; weather observation; helium toppings; snubbing; inflations/ deflations; tether inspections, and proficiency in all emergency procedures for both moored and airborne flight aerostat operations
  • Perform both corrective and preventive maintenance on structural, hydraulic, electrical/electronic, aerostat, or IT equipment
  • Responsible for identifying operational field problems and developing solutions
  • Operate all standard, and particular test and support equipment, including any calibration and repair activities that can be performed at the site level
  • Conduct field tests; analyze test data and submit appropriate test reports
  • Install approved engineering change proposals, modifications, and upgrades
  • Assist in accident investigations
  • Perform as a member of the Critical Response Team as directed
  • Perform site surveys, emplacement, and displacement activities
  • Read understand and apply information and instructions obtained from operational, technical, and vendor manuals
  • Research, prepare and submit written reports and field correspondence addressing all technical, operational, and maintenance aspects of the electrical/electronic, mechanical, aerostat, or IT area for which they are responsible
  • Provide troubleshooting directions to the sites either telephonically, via email, or at the location
  • Provide training to personnel as required
  • Ensure all failed hardware is adequately documented and sent for repair or disposed of and re-ordered
  • Ensure safety and security procedures are practiced in all phases of aerostat operation and maintenance
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned
  • Requires eight years of hands-on experience in functional tasks on an aerostat system or a related industry/military equivalent.


Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline requires equivalent military training in a related field or equivalent needed civilian education.

To apply for this job email your details to simm@opalstaff.com